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The Body Lab: Human Biomechanics and Yoga

• Investigate the human body in the context of the modern lifestyle and its physical effects on particular structures of the body, nervous system, and mind.

• Study the strategic Anatomy most affected by this lifestyle and how it affects our yoga postures, as well as our day to day habits.

• Learn to innervate and activate dormant muscle groups and look at the potential role that our habits play in modern affluent ailments.

• Learn to assess your own alignment and sharpen your observation and teaching skills.

• The Body Lab: Assist each other in fine tuning general alignment principals as well as assessing them in key yoga postures. In addition, we will invite guest students into the lab to work on refining our ability to see and approach yoga postures with a new lens.

• Experience how to weave these new tools into your yoga classes, creating a safer long-term environment for a broader audience.

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